These are honest conversations with people who are in pursuit of their dreams. 


Melissa, a trained transformational voice coach and the founder of Melisma Coaching, teaches people how to sing in a way that helps them mine for and harness their own magic. In this video, she teaches us that freedom, as she has experienced it alongside her own students, comes from emotional honesty with the self. Using the voice as a tool, Melissa guides her clients towards reaching emotional honesty and accessing true personal power through song. Watch her inspiring ABOUT FACE feature here. Use #melismacoaching

Ieasha is a substance abuse therapist by day and a wardrobe stylist in the evenings and on the weekends. She finds that she needs both to bring balance to her life. Her career in therapy satisfies her desire to be of service to others while her styling career allows her to express her creativity. Ieasha reminds us that we can find a way of combining all of our interests in a way that truly works. Watch her ABOUT FACE feature here. Use #ataleof2loves 

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Shortly after enrolling in college, Falosha was faced with a dilemma; to stay in school or to follow her instinct and pursue what was really of interest to her, fashion. It's been 2 years since Falosha began Wardrobe to the People, a thrift store that comes to your doorstep. Watch her inspirational ABOUT FACE feature here. Use #misswardrobe


Juan recently left his finance job to pursue his passion, beer. After brewing for fun, Juan began to entertain the idea of creating his own business. He founded the Dyckman Beer Co. in 2012. His staple beer, the first craft beer of its kind, is inspired by the flavors, the people, and the culture of Uptown Manhattan and its surrounding neighborhoods. Watch his inspiring ABOUT FACE feature above.  Read his Q&A here. Use #dyckmanbeerstory

Lyndsay has suffered from anxiety and depression since she was very young. She now uses fitness to cope and shares her experiences on her blog, Flawed and Fit , to encourage people that you can manage your fitness and still manage the rest of you. Watch her inspiring ABOUT FACE feature above. Read her Q&A here. Use #crossthebridge

Watch Ramona as she takes off her make up for the first time since her vitiligo diagnosis. Watch her inspiring ABOUT FACE feature above. Read her Q&A here. Use #fearlessspots

Otto left his job in technology and production to start his own business. In November 2013, Otto opened Otto's Tacos, an LA-inspired, grab-and-go taqueria in the East Village, NYC. He reminds us to do what makes us happy, to have fun in the process and to take it all #onetacoatatime. Watch his inspiring ABOUT FACE feature here. Use #onetacoatatime